Work from Anywhere with Travelworld!

We are looking for more consultants to join the Travelworld team.
If you're a great travel consultant living in New Zealand and wondering how you can juggle that and a family then I promise you - you’ll love what we have to offer.


  • Work from the comfort of your own home
  • Guaranteed income (for 12 months) - not commission only!
  • You can be there for your kids 
  • You can choose your own hours - we simply ask for a minimum of 27 hours
  • You don’t have to have an existing client database
  • You can start earning a good income from day 1
  • You’re not on your own & you'll receive a good level of support
  • You'll receive invitations to go on exciting famils
Please email your CV to or pop your details in the form below.
 treat all enquiries with the strictest confidence.



Alison Goosen - Travel Expert

"I loved my previous job but once we started a family it was hard juggling childcare and work. Being in the office was stressing me out and in the end I felt like I was just working to pay for childcare.

Once I joined Travelworld and decided to work from home and planned my work hours around my daughter that stress was gone. I can now take her to school and be here when she gets home. There’s no after school care needed, I’m not driving all over town and my career works in around my family!

I especially like that I can work hard and make a good living doing what I love and still be here for my daughter."


Jaime William - Travel Expert

"I never considered brokering because I really didn’t think I had enough clients of my own. I loved the idea of it, especially the flexibility - but I really couldn’t afford to start from scratch and work my butt off finding clients. I have bills to pay so I thought broking just wasn’t an option for me yet.

It didn’t take long at all to make the decision to sign on. I was getting enquiries straight away, doing quotes and making bookings on my first day. My income grew over the first few months and it hasn’t stopped since. There’s crazy busy weeks and quieter weeks but I’ve been a broker with Travelworld now for almost 2 years and I’m earning a good steady living and working when I want which means being there for the kids is soooo much easier.


Travelworld is a division of Gilpin Travel located at Level 1, 14 Maidstone Street, Auckland 1021, New Zealand. Our team of experts are approved travel consultants / brokers for Gilpin Travel who are a bonded member of the Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand (TAANZ)