Enjoying a staycation? 5 things to do with the kids this summer

Dec 20, 2018 | Travel Inspo

For the lucky ones who will be staying in New Zealand during the best time – summer – we’ve got some activities and places you can take the kiddos.

Secret World of Butterflies, Auckland War Memorial Museum

Price: Free

Secret World of Butterflies features thousands of butterflies from the Shannon Collection, on display for the first time.

Be amazed by these stunning insects in this family-friendly exhibition that reveals unbelievable butterfly facts and is packed full of interactive activities. Zoom in on nature’s designs or create your own butterfly and unleash it into a magical digital garden.

The exhibition explores the science of butterflies such as metamorphosis, anatomy and habitat and is perfect for young explorers and lovers of the natural world.

Pick Your Own Blueberries and Lavenders, Hamilton

Entry fee: $3

This stunning section of land in a rural settlement outside Hamilton is now not only a bustling Pick-Your-Own (PYO) Blueberry and Lavender Farm, but a ‘Backyard Garden’ where anyone can come to sit down and relax among the fields of lavender with a cup of coffee, a real-fruit blueberry ice cream and some lavender food.

Rocktopia, Tauranga

Entry fee: $17

Clip ‘n Climb combines the thrill of a theme park with the action of indoor rock climbing. Once you enter the arena you will be surrounded by the fun and colourful Clip N Climb walls. Rocktopia offer 26 fun climbs with 31 new challenges on their Clip N Climb walls. There are also 18 climbing walls and 2 boulder caves. The venue also features the world-famous vertical slide and Leap of Faith jump.

The Circus Hub, Wellington

Circus Hub is New Zealand’s largest Circus School, a non-profit charity which is the Wellington Circus Trust. They offer a range of one-off and regular classes for almost all ages, from pre-school, children, teenagers, and adults. It’s a great opportunity to get your children active and use their motor skills and build confidence.

Westburn Reserve Bike Park, Christchurch

This park has paths laid out like a real road intersection with street signs and roundabouts – but downsized. Children can practice their bike riding skills safely: balancing, turning, signalling, and most importantly getting past other people without crashing into them. In addition to this, there are a couple of picnic tables, space to kick a ball, and toilets so its can be a whole day out!

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