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Canada & USA

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Canada & USA

Best time to go Canada & Alaska:

Canada’s climate varies tremendously, with warm, sunny days in summer (Jun – Aug) and sub-zero temperatures in winter (Dec – Feb). Cities and towns are geared to challenge the cold surroundings with covered walkways and indoor malls to protect from the elements. Snow typically falls from October/November and starts to melt away in March/April. The Northern Lights are best viewed from November to March. The best time to see Grizzly and Black bears is May to October, Polar bears is October to November and whales is May to October.
Alaska’s climate varies immensely, with long warm days in summer (Jun – Aug) and short days with temperatures well below zero in winter (Dec – Feb). Daylight hours in Alaska differ from what you may be used to. There are 16 to 22 hours of daylight in summer and four to six hours of daylight in winter. The Northern Lights are best viewed from December to March.

Best time to go USA:

The USA is a large country and climates and weather vary greatly by season and location. During summer (June – August) northern states enjoy warm days and cooler mornings and nights. While the southern states experience very hot temperatures. When travelling in spring (March – May) see the famed cherry blossoms in Washington, DC.
Winter (December – February) is fairly mild in the southern states, while in the northern, north eastern, mid-western states often encounter snow and colder temperatures. Over the Christmas period, watch holiday parades or go
ice skating. See the beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange as the leaves change during the autumn months (September – November).

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