5 top cycling tracks around the world

Feb 4, 2019 | Featured, Travel Inspo

Imagine cycling down these beautiful tracks. If you’re a bike enthusiast, these five locations will inspire you to book that ticket, pack your gear and get back on the bike.

  1. Rustic North Route, Netherlands

No doubt the Dutch are known for their love of cycling and it being their way of. When you visit Amsterdam, riding a bike is an experience you must have – and a great way to discover the city as you cycle past the canals and atmospheric narrow lanes. Try the 28km Rustic North cycling route where you’ll leave the busy city behind and discover rustic landscapes and historical villages.

  1. Via Verde de la Sierra, Spain

In Spain, there are more than 2,700km of unused railway lines that have been converted into cycle and hiking tracks.  The Via Verde is a family friendly cycling track developed to introduce visitors into more of the remote areas. The track is about 35km where you pass through tunnels, across bridges and viaducts, through lush valleys de la Sierra, through meadows and fields, and past some of Andalucia’s most carefully protected natural monuments.


  1. Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail, New Zealand

This is an unforgettable cycling ride with stunning views the whole way. Departing from the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps all the way to the Pacific Ocean at Oamaru. The entire track can take up to 6 days, however you can do a day trip which will also show you awe-inspiring views and will be a worthwhile experience. The roads are relatively flat and with friendly locals to greet you along the way, you’re bound to have an amazing time.


  1. Three Lakes Cycle Tour, Switzerland

Most roads in Switzerland are well-maintained and have beautiful scenery everywhere you turn! The Three Lakes region has flat roads and is a perfect tour for casual cyclists. The official cycle tour can take up to 8 nights where you can soak in the views of Lake Constance, Lake Zurich and Lake Walen.

  1. Shimanami Kaido Cycling Road, Japan

The Shimanami Kaido is a famous highway across the Seto inland sea. It’s known as one of the most spectacular cycling routes in the world. This 70km route includes a dedicated cycling lane and bridge so you can stop on the way and take beautiful pictures.  The bridge connects Honshu and Shikoku where you’ll enjoy views of the island and the sea. There are a few difficult areas and beginners may choose to only do part of the course. Either way, it’s definitely worth a go!

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